Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Kind of files are allowed to upload?
A: You can upload all files you want like rar, zip, mp3, mp4, avi, mpeg, png, bmp, jpg, gif, exe and so on. But you should know which files are illegal and which not.

Q: Up to which filesize can i upload my files?
A: The max. filesize is limited to currently 500 MB. If your files are bigger than 500 GB, feel free, to split them.

Q: How long will my files hosted?
A: Your files will deleted relatively fast after inactivity. A file is inactive, if noone download it in a certain time.

Q: Why should i use
A: You don't need to register and can upload and download, what you want. If you want send a big picture to your friends, you upload it here one time and then you send the downloadlink to all your friends and they can download it, how often they want.

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